Like many American growers, California Cling Peach growers are deeply concerned about protecting American agriculture and preserving generations-old family farms from the rising tide of lesser-quality imports.

Check out the small ways to make a big difference—for the industry and for your health. Thank you!

By Randy Fiorini, third-generation peach grower and former Chairman of the California Cling Peach Board
  Today we find an industry, a piece of our American heritage, in decline. Due to varying market conditions, Cling Peach acreage has been reduced; and our family of growers, once in the thousands, has been reduced to about 700.

Much of the decline can be attributed to the loss of international markets to lower-priced, subsidized canned peaches from the European Union countries of Spain and Greece. Having captured most of the key markets around the world, EU-subsidized Greek and Spanish canned peaches are now finding their way into the US market at very low prices. Last year marked an all-time high for imports, reducing sales opportunities in the only major market remaining for the California Cling Peach industry.

The influx of foreign product threatens American jobs, compromises our nation’s ability to produce its own food supply (thereby increasing our dependence on other countries) and potentially jeopardizes our national health (foreign producers are not regulated by the high standards that American producers achieve). It is my hope that our call for help inspires support for our industry and encourages you to join our “Buy American” campaign.

At the end of each year’s Cling Peach harvest in California, where nearly 100 percent of US production is grown, our industry looks forward to fulfilling all of your needs for high quality and U.S. inspected and regulated canned and frozen Cling Peaches.

Enjoy the “fruits” of our labor all year long and please read your labels closely. Buy American peaches and encourage your grocers to do the same. Thanks in advance for your support.

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California Grown Campaign

California produces nearly 100% of the nation’s canned and frozen peaches, most of which are Cling Peaches
Nearly all California Cling Peach farms are small, family farms
Eight of the nation’s top 10 farm counties are in California
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Check labels closely and commit to purchasing only US-grown peaches
Don’t skip the canned fruit aisle! Nutritiously comparable to fresh peaches, canned peaches are a quick and tasty solution to achieving five-a-day
  Make the “Healthy Eating Pledge” by each week substituting a fat-free can of California-grown peaches for starchy side dishes or fattening desserts
Become a Peach Ambassador by spreading the “Buy American” word to colleagues, family and friends to enlist their support
Keep pantries stocked year-round with summer-fresh canned fruit for quick, healthy snacking and nutritious recipe additions
Teach kids about American agriculture and how they can help farmers by eating nutritious fruits and veggies
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